Keys for marketing innovation in the first two days of the IMS Executive Program at Stanford Graduate School of Business

SAN FRANCISCO, September 20, 2011 – During the first two days of the education and business program that brings Latin American digital marketing leaders to the Stanford Graduate School of Business, participants attended a series of conferences focused on innovation, consumption trends, and understanding the complex psychological processes that lead to purchase decisions.

At the opening ceremony Sunday night, the guest speaker was Jonathan Mildenhall, Vice-president of Global Marketing and Creative Communications for Coca Cola. Monday’s studies encompassed two seminars hosted by Professor Baba Shiv examining emotional behavior and its influence on purchase decisions. His lectures fully engaged the attention and participation of the 60 important Latin American media executives present. Shiv explained how most consumer decisions are emotional and that shoppers who are most certain about their purchases are those who rely on their emotions.

In the evening, Professor James Lattin presented the case of Starbucks between 1992 and 2002 proving that marketing and innovation are two keys to creating value in the minds of consumers. Plans for Tuesday include a visit to Facebook offices in Palo Alto and presentations by leading companies in the online industry including Foursquare, Twitter, and Netflix.

With 60 senior executives present from companies such as Televisa, Prodigy MSN, Havas, Starcom and Turner, this first IMS Executive Program at Stanford Graduate School of Business is an ideal opportunity for Latin American media representatives to gain access to all the tools that will help them continue to set the pace of innovation at the regional level. It is also a crucial opportunity, with all the leading executives of Latin American media gathered in a single place, for networking and strengthening development of common projects.

To get more information and follow the event’s live alternatives…

Press Room


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