Opportunities to add value to the media market

During four days, 60 top executives from Latin American media companies gathered in Palo Alto to discuss how to be exceptional and innovative in an increasingly competitive industry.

By Mariano Román – Chief Commercial Officer – IMS Corporate

Vertigo is inherent in the media market. Timelines are extremely short, speed is the rule, and efficiency and effectiveness in planning are essential. The demands for immediacy and maximum performance present a huge challenge to those of us who work in this industry. How do we find the necessary time to innovate, to think about new strategies and creative solutions that will add value for our clients?

In some areas, the media planning sector is becoming increasingly commoditized. In this environment, those who are outstanding are the ones that manage to introduce new perspectives, those that set themselves apart by their initiative and innovation. Everybody wonders how they do this. What is their secret for staying at the forefront in the Latin American media environment?

These were some of the questions we considered when we planned the IMS Executive Program at the Stanford Graduate School of Business. We asked ourselves how the leading Latin American media executives developed the business strategies that allowed them to provide high value proposals, and what could we do to support them in this process. We decided that the best thing to do was bring them together in an interactive and collaborative space where they could analyze the present and future of the industry, share access to tools for rethinking their daily work, and outline new alternatives for growth.

These outstanding professionals not only shared their concerns and perspectives during the four days but also attended lectures by senior representatives of some of the most innovative companies in the online media world. Our intention was to give executives a short respite from the daily tornado of their work. Participants’ objectives were accessing new knowledge, observing the innovations of other industries, and generating differentiation in their own segments, so that they could apply these experiences to their own businesses for added value.

Change is always a complicated proposition, especially in an industry that is still growing. As the media universe continues to develop complexity, it presents a great opportunity to explore new paths toward better solutions for our clients. Latin American media companies can set the pace, becoming the gold standard in leadership and creative thought. From IMS, our commitment is to facilitate this process, developing value solutions that help strengthen our industry.


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